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Anemia in dogs is a less number of red blood cells or iron in the blood i.e. hemoglobin or both It’s not actually a
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How to train a Beagle dog?
Aggressive Dog Behavior

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Whining is a natural problem found in all the puppies. Puppies’ whine when they are hungry, feel cold, or when they are tired. The mother dog understands the need of her puppy and immediately responds to it. When her puppy whines the mother can make out that something is wrong. She provides warmth and milk to her puppy. She also makes her puppy feel safe by providing a secure place to sleep.

You should adopt the puppy when he is around 8 to 10 weeks old. At this age puppies can make out and understand that the new family does not have any effect of whining. They may also use their habit of whining to influence you to provide them with whatever they need.

You should learn to handle puppy whining. You should do this job quite patiently and calmly as your house is totally new to the puppy. On the first night the puppy should be left alone and he should be provided with his own space. You should not react to the puppy whining by cuddling him as this makes him aware that by whining he can get what he wants. But you should be able to judge this smartly.

As this is a new house the puppy will be scared and will need your attention, comfort and assurance. So you should respond quickly. Because if you respond when the puppy whines he will think that it is whining that got the attention and so will get used to it. He will whine every time he wants something.

Your puppy should be taught to be at ease when alone. Even when you are there at home your puppy should be comfortable being alone as this helps to avoid separation anxiety when nobody is at home. You must teach him that whining is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. But you should not callously ignore him. After whining you should calm him down and show some concern.

If the puppy continues to whine for a long time you should not prolong the dogs suffering and release the door of the crate. A puppy should not continue to whine when he grows up. If he does so it means that he has got used to it.

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